Scanning and Utility Locating Services

Neskor provides a full range of services for concrete cutting, including concrete scanning and utility location. Before starting a concrete cutting project, the area is scanned to ensure important connections or utility conduits are not damaged.

Neskor will perform a ground penetrating radar (GPR) scan with the best technology available. StructureScan Optical equipment from GSSI and the RD7000 Utility Locator are top of the line products that reduce the time needed to locate hidden metal and non-metalic objects and utilities in concrete structures.

The GSSI StructureScan Optical is typically used for concrete inspection to locate objects, structure inspection to locate any flaws in the concrete, condition assessments for rehab planning and to measure the thickness of concrete slabs. The RD7000 utility locator searches for signals that are emitted from underground power lines or other utilities that transmit a signal. The RD7000 give accurate results even with ground distortions or differing soil types that make other scanning more difficult.

Scanning is required for all concrete cutting for residentials, industrial and commercial projects. If you need concrete cutting services, you'll also need concrete scanning services. Contact Neskor and our professional team will provide everything you need to get the job done right.