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We provide industrial, commercial and residential concrete cutting & coring. We are committed to providing fast, efficient and safe concrete alterations using state of the art cutting tools and highly skilled technicians.

About Neskor

Neskor Cutting & Coring Services is committed to providing the very best service money can buy. Our client’s are some of the most respectable businesses in construction sub-trades. We also provide services such as window cutting and control joint cutting to homeowners. We will provide knowledgeable, trained and professional technicians to help you get the job done. The equipment we use is state-of-the-art and can handle any projects requiring concrete cutting or coring. We have extensive experience in controlled concrete demolition, we have the tools and expertise to put to use on your project. Call or email us now to find out how we can help you on your project.

Neskor Cutting & Coring Services is a vendor on ISNetworld, member of the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association, and has a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan.


Slab Sawing

Slab sawing is generally used in the cutting of expansion and control joints, cutting trenches for plumbing or electrical purposes and for cutting reinforced concrete floors. This can be accomplished using gas or electric saws up to 21” deep.

Core Drilling

Core drilling employs a diamond tipped bit to bore as deep as required and up to a core diameter of 36” although larger diameter holes can be accommodated if required. Typical applications include holes for plumbing, electrical, HVAC, sewer and in conjunction with wire saw and wall sawing projects.

Robotic Demolition Services

Neskor offers robotic demolition & removal services using electric powered machines. Perfect for confined spaces and sensitive areas where fumes from fossil fuel powered equipment are a safety concern. Pound for pound, these are the strongest machines available, and the wireless remote control sallow operators to work a safe distance with excellent viewing angles of the work area.

Wall Sawing

Wall sawing is used to cut vertically, horizontally and at any required angle, up to 27” from one side. The saw is mounted on a rigid track that allows for excellent precision in applications requiring accuracy. These include residential, commercial and industrial projects from cutting doorways and windows to structure removal and modification. Neskor utilizes hi-cycle remote controlled electric wall saws as well as chain saws that are both gas and electric.

Wire Sawing

Wire sawing is the most versatile method of cutting reinforced concrete. It employs a diamond wire that is rotated with tension to cut through structures. It is often used in industrial applications that require cutting of reinforced concrete greater than 24” in thickness. Wire sawing can be employed in the cutting of foundations, bridge piers, steel and concrete pipes and most any section of concrete required. Neskor provides Circle Sawing services with the capability of cutting round holes up to 2.4 meters in diameter. This is a fast, efficient way to produce large diameter round holes.

Scanning and Utility Locating Services

Neskor provides a full range of services for concrete cutting, including concrete scanning and utility location. Before starting a concrete cutting project, the area is scanned to ensure important connections or utility conduits are not damaged.

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